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    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

    Size: 210*214mm

    The Android-based platform fanless box PC uses its aluminium alloy case to dissipate the heat to the air to avoid the overheating issue. And fanless design offer zero-noise during 7/24 operation under harsh environments.

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    Industrial Mini PC Fanless Box PC

    Touch Think fanless embedded industrial mini PCs are designed with slim body, well-embedded into 

    cabinets, supports multiple module customization and I/O expansion, support remote controlling and 

    monitoring. They are reliable and stable performance in harsh environments, Manufacturing facilities, 

    warehouse floors, forklift and other vehicle for 7x24hrs.

    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

    Touch Think Industrial Android Box PC Features

    1. Support stackable extension design, option extension kit for different applications.

    2. Isolated 12 ~ 24VDC wide-range power input

    3. Diversity communication extensible, such as WLAN, WWAN

    4. Industrial-grade anti-vibration, shock proof.

    5. Wide operating temperature support, up to -20 ~ 65 °C.

    6. Storage temperature: -40~80°C.

    7. CE, FCC, CB, UL, CCC Certified.

    8. Working humidity: 20%-95% (relative humidity)

    9. Display chip: Mali400MP2 dual core.

    10. Play mode: support loop, timing, insert, etc.

    11. Network: support Ethernet, WIFI/Bluetooth 4.0, wireless peripheral expansion.

    12. WIFI, BT: built-in WIFI, BT4.0 (optional)

    13. Image format: support BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF.

    14. USB 2.0: 2*USB HOST, 1*MICRO USB (OTG).

    15. Serial port: 2-way 232 serial port, 422/485 serial port optinal.

    16. Decoding resolution: HDMI 4K 3840*2160.

    17. Installation methods: wall-fixed, embedded, or VESA mount.

    18. Color: black, silver or Gun Color.

    19. Standard configuration: A64 Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.5GHz; LPDDR3 default 1G; 

          Android 6.0.


    A83T Cortex-A7 eight-core 2GHz; LPDDR3 default 2G: 8G EMMC; Android 5.1/7.1; 

    RK3188 Cortex-A97 quad-core 1.6GHz; LPDDR3 default 2/4G; 8/16/32G EMMC; Android 5.1/7.1

    Support Upgrade:

    RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.8GHz; LPDDR3 default 2/4G; 8/16/32 EMMC; Android 5.1/7.1;

    RK3399 Cortex-A72 dual-core+Cortex-A53 quad-core; LPDDR3 default 2/4G; 16/32/64G EMMC; 

    Android 5.1/7.1

    Fanless Heat-dissipation design

    Fanless and no noise design, aluminum alloy material structure, improve heat dissipation efficiency.

    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC

    Strong Environmental Adaptability

    Industrial computer, also named IPC, it is designed mainly used in harsh conditions, such as 

    vibrate, dusty, electromagnetic interface environments. They are better than normal commercial 

    computer in terms of stability, service life, mainboard and compatibility. Industrial PCs are widely 

    used in manufacturing, production control, industrial automation, transportation system, etc.

    Due to the harsh industrial environment, the industrial mini computer is required to have strong envi-

    ronmental adaptability. It should performance perfect under different and changing temperature and 

    humidity range. What's more, industrial mini PC should satisfy the level of dust-proof, anti-corrosion, 

    and anti-vibration. Also, with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference ability.

    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC      

    Fanless Embedded Computers mini size industrial PC Android Box PC



    Fanless industrial mini PC for a particular type of application, based on computer technology, provides software and hardware integration platform, suitable for applications which requiring higher reliability, cost-effective and power consumption. Fanless industrial mini PC has been widely used in network, communications, power, ticket vending machine, rail transit, self-service terminals, medical equipment, vehicle equipment, industrial automation, machine vision, industrial robots and other industries.

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